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Processing fees for card payments make up a significant portion of expenses for American businesses. One company has just released new software to provide merchants with an affordable solution for card payments.

KickFees’ new payment platform provides merchants with affordable payment processing options. Using their Fee Defender technology, the company enables merchants to accept unlimited payments without processing fees.

This release provides merchants in a range of industries with high-quality alternatives to costly payment systems offered by traditional financial institutions. With established banking institutions and card brands like Visa and MasterCard, merchants are forced to pay fees each time a consumer pays with a card.

This comes at a significant cost to merchants and enables these organizations to fund credit card reward and gift programs. Recently, Visa and Mastercard have come under fire, with the two leading players being called upon to testify at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing after being accused of running a duopoly.

The company’s newly released Fee Defender payment software uses a unique dual pricing model, wherein business owners can seamlessly offer (2) two prices for goods and services; a card price and a cash price. Exactly like businesses in the petroleum industry have been doing since the early 2000's. This allows the businesses to avoid unnecessary price hikes on all customers by always offering their best most competitive cash price.

Besides their payment platform, KickFees offers a wide selection of payment hardware to fit any storefront, restaurant, or office. One available payment system is the SWIFT Mobile Card Reader, a compact device that can be easily connected to smartphones and tablets.

Clients can choose from a range of software and hardware packages to meet the specific needs of their business.

The company has also developed packages that are designed for different industries such as retail, healthcare, beauty, trade, and food and beverage.

Prospective clients can book a live demo with the company or send general inquiries regarding any products or services on the website. A representative from the company will respond promptly via text and email.

Since its founding, KickFees has become an industry leader in affordable point of sale solutions for merchants across the country. With this latest announcement, the company continues to provide clients with innovative payment solutions.

A spokesperson for the company said: “We are focused on providing our customers with a high-quality experience built around honesty, product knowledge, and deeply rooted industry expertise (since the mid-90s). KickFees aims to offer a superior payment platform that not only out-performs the competition but eliminates a major expense for all its customers.”

Interested parties can book and 1 on 1 session with KickFees by visiting:

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